Cleared Movers Advantages

Advantages Of Using Cleared Movers

Payments: The moving company gets to decide if they choose to cover the cost of the background check or if the applicant needs to pay.

Easy to Use: Moving companies can register and complete their own background check in minutes. If an organization code is entered, the background check automatically gets sent to the administrator of the company.

Secure User Portal: Our Cleared Movers portal is completely secure and follows industry standards as it relates to database checks.

Our Data: Our databases use a subject’s social security number to comb public and private records sourced by three credit bureau’s header information as well as a variety of proprietary databases.

What our clients say


Saddleback Movers

a month ago

“It’s hard to manage the amount of background checks with so much turn over and seasonal hires. With Cleared Movers, all of our background checks are stored in our customized admin portal and are easy to search. Cleared Movers also reminds us annually when a background check has expired so we can always keep a fresh background check on file. It has been a game-changer for our small moving company.”


City Movers

a month ago

”We have used several background check vendors and often they’re late and their information is not correct.  We talked to another company that gave Cleared Movers a try and they love how easy and simple it is to process the background checks.”


Hilltop Moving Company

a month ago

“I would highly recommend this company and will also use them in the future. Brian and team were excellent to deal with. I had a couple date changes and it was no problem.  We average about 20 background checks a month for new hires and re-certifications.  A great tool.”

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