A Simple Way to Conduct Background Checks.

Cleared Movers is the simplest, most flexible, and most pleasing background check experience for moving companies you can find. Try it and see for yourself.

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Our customized portal is very user friendly and allows for reports to be emailed and shared with others in your network. Each and everyone of your company’s background checks are saved in the customized portal. We also have an optional annual review on each applicant’s background check.

Do you have an applicant that is stating his background check is not correct? That’s perfectly fine and we understand mistakes happen. Just fill out the dispute request and we’ll check with the county to see if a record was expunged or reversed.

Background Checks for Moving Companies

You can now invite applicants more easily than ever before to conduct their background check. Simply enter the information below once you are logged into your account to invite someone to Cleared Movers. By entering the unique Company Code the results of the background check are automatically funneled to the requesting company. It’s that simple.

National Criminal Record History

Our criminal database search provides access to criminal history records from all 50 states (Over 850 million criminal records).

Sex Offender Database

Our system searches all sex offender databases. It’s very important to know sexual offenders in your county and ensure they are not coaching our youth.

Online Customize Management Solution

100% of all background checks are saved in your customized portal. Your company can review each background check conducted at any time.

Reasonable Pricing

Single Check

$ 20 / per check

Small Company

$ 150 / 10 checks

Large Company

$ 900 / 100 checks

What our clients say


Saddleback Movers

a month ago

“It’s hard to manage the amount of background checks with so much turn over and seasonal hires. With Cleared Movers, all of our background checks are stored in our customized admin portal and are easy to search. Cleared Movers also reminds us annually when a background check has expired so we can always keep a fresh background check on file. It has been a game-changer for our small moving company.”


City Movers

a month ago

”We have used several background check vendors and often they’re late and their information is not correct.  We talked to another company that gave Cleared Movers a try and they love how easy and simple it is to process the background checks.”


Hilltop Moving Company

a month ago

“I would highly recommend this company and will also use them in the future. Brian and team were excellent to deal with. I had a couple date changes and it was no problem.  We average about 20 background checks a month for new hires and re-certifications.  A great tool.”

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